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Cleveland Browns Re-Design
browns home

Rumor has it that the new ownership of the Cleveland Browns is planning to change the team's classic uniforms. Though I consider this the repeating of a mistake they committed through the 1970s and early 1980s, if they're determined to proceed down that path once again, I decided I might as well see if I could come up with a humble alternative. I remember a few years ago seeing their coaching staff wearing tan jackets trimmed in the team's brown and orange colors and thinking it looked great, so I tried that color scheme. And if the team decides to alter its traditional logo-less helmets (again, not a move I'd advocate), I decided to suggest a "brownie" emblem that's a little more action-oriented than the one they tried to put on the team's helmets back in the 1960s.

browns road

The opposition teams in my artwork are a bright orange / metallic orange color scheme for the Denver Broncos, with a return to its mid-1960s "amoeba" logo and then a light green / metallic light green combination for the New York Jets.


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