Uni Watch Bike Jersey

That's me, displaying the Uni Watch colors on today's bike ride. Mary did some repair work on a busted zipper to get the jersey into game-ready shape. As any uni-aware fan will know, the design on this cycling jersey is based on the 1970s Houston Astros "tequila sunrise" jerseys. Mary and I have been regularly cycling this spring and summer and I've covered just a shade under 550 miles on 35 rides.

My favorite new name for the Cleveland American Leauge team...

There's a group advocating a name I really like for the Cleveland American League Baseball team, the Cleveland Municipals, or Cleveland Munis. It's a name that has vivid echoes of the impressive stadium where the baseball club and footballs Browns played for decades (Cleveland Municipal Stadium). It's also a great inclusive name that suggests everyone in the city and environs of Cleveland is a part of the team.

The Municiples site is And their twitter account is

And here's an entry on the Uni Watch blog covering a lot of their case for the name...

Several years ago, Uni Watch had a re-design contest to rename and redesign the Cleveland team, and my entry -- less inspired than the Municipals -- was a version of the old hockey team the Cleveland Barons...

And here are my notes from back then...

The great sports-uniform blog is having a contest challenging people to re-design baseball's Cleveland Indians and football's Washington Redskins with themes that make no reference to native Americans.  For the Indians I went with the name of a couple old hockey teams, the Cleveland Barons, and adapted a color scheme, maroon and copper, that I'd lifted from a beautiful midget race car that ran in the Bay Cities Racing Association back in the early 1970s that I then adapted to a football-uniform design a few years after that. It would be a very distinctive color scheme in the current major leagues and I think a "rich," traditional combination for a team called the Barons. I went with a kind of light gold color for the road uniforms, a choice many traditionalists will probably hate, but I loved the different-colored monochrome road uniforms of the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s [Padres' tan, A's yellow, light blue for many teams and especially the navy blue for the late '70s White Sox]).  It's hard to see, but I also went with the increasingly popular retro color of cream color for the home uniform. The logo combines one of the old Barons hockey mascots with an Old English font (technically called "Cloister Black").

The opposing road team is a concept for the Washington Nationals that's very close to one of my all-time favorite designs, the late 1970s White Sox monochrome navy road uniform.

New England Patriots Re-Design

The columnist who runs the sports-uniform blog held another re-design challenge, and this was for me probably the toughest one yet, since it was for the New England Patriots.

As longtime readers know, I’m a big Patriots fan and have very strong opinions about their uniforms. For me, the team’s design from 1969-72 was virtually perfect, so it was a daunting task indeed to come up with anything original I could bear to suggest in place of it.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Re-Design

I was surprised and pleased to be named one of the winners of the latest Uni Watch Sports Uniform Re-Design Challenge, this time to revise the look of the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (The contest this time appeared on a website called "Inside Hook" and can be found at . (The Uni Watch guy, Paul Lukas, had been working at Sports Illustrated but was one of many staffers recently laid off and currently freelancing.)

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A Nice Image of the 1906 World Series

I love this shot of the 1906 World Series, with the White Sox playing at the Cubs (going back before Wrigley Field -- this is West Side Grounds), with the White Sox wearing the precursors to the 1976 Bill Veeck monochrome navy road uniforms. It's cool to see those striking uniforms circling the bases on a key play in that series. I loved the classic style of the Veeck 1970s uniform but hadn't realized the basic look had once graced a World Series champion.

This and several other classic World Series photos were posted on the great website Uni Watch last weekend, provided by a collector of old-time baseball photos, Ronnie Bolton. If you're at all into sports uniforms, it's must to check out Uni Watch.

On Bolton's Twitter page he gives this description of the Sox-Cubs photo: "Here is a key play from series, George Rohe hitting a bases clearing triple for all the runs in White Sox 3-0 win in Game 3."  The underdog Sox took the '06 series in six games.

The Old AFL at Its Finest

On YouTube a highlight film of the 1962 Houston Oilers popped up and I gave it a try, eventually pausing it at this point in the film. When I reopened the computer the next morning, it struck me that this shot epitomizes for me the best of the old AFL uniforms. These are actually the first two sports teams I adopted at about the age of 6 and very specifically because I loved their uniforms -- the sky-blue color of the Oilers with the white oil-derrick emblem and, of course, the lightning bolts on the Chargers' imaginataive uniforms. I eventually came to like even more the great Pat Patriot logo and flaming red jerseys of the Boston Patriots, but this visual sure brings back the sports aesthetics I first fell in love with.

Cincinnati Bengals Re-Design

A few months late, but here are the entries I came up with for a Cincinatti Bengals Uniform Re-Design challenge conducted over the summer on the Sports Illustrated website (note that the Uni Watch blogger Paul Lukas, who runs these contests, has moved from ESPN to SI).

This is a design inspired by a made-up team called the Trenton Tigers that has a long, long history among the Bierbaum brothers.

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Seattle Evergreens / Pilots Design Contest, Pt. 2 -- Legion Crossovers

OK, here's part two of my entries for the Seattle NHL uniform challenge being put on by the Uni Watch column at As described in my prior entry, this is my adaptation of the wonderful uniforms of baseball's short-lived Seattle Pilots to a hockey configuration.

So here are white- amd dark-jersey versions...

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Seattle Evergreens / Pilots Design Contest, Pt. 1 -- Legion Crossovers

For my friends who are fans of the Legion of Super-Heroes and have some interest in my uniform re-designs, this entry is for you.'s Uni Watch column is running another design contest, this time to suggest a look for the expected Seattle NHL expanson franchise. Luckily for me, the deadline came after the Thanksgiving weekend and I was caught up enough on things in general that I was able to devote the necessary time to pull an entry together -- in fact I couldn't narrow it down to just one concept and managed to do two entries.

Part of the issue was that it popped into my mind to suggest hockey adopt one of the best designs in sports history, and one that's criminally left ignored and unused these days, the uniforms for the beloved 1969 Seattle Pilots (who were moved after a single season to Milwaukee, where they've played ever since as the Brewers). And once I got that idea for a Pilots hockey team in my head, I had to go with it, even though it felt like it wouldn't get full consideration as a "real" entry but rather a kind of novelty entry (even though I personally would 100% love to see the name and design actually take to the ice in the NHL). And in any case, a Pilots concept would be based on somebody else's long-ago design rather than something completely original on my part.

So I felt compelled to do a second totally original submission. And when I thought I abouy doing something that showcased the neon green color Seattle sports fans have so embraced, I tried to think of a name that suggested a green uniform, and with Washington being the Evergreen State, the name "Evergreens" seemed like a natural, especially when I then saw in my mind an unabashedly joyous pine tree cartoon character playing hockey. If I needed one more nudge to go with an Evergreens concept, I got it when I also saw in my mind a big capital "E" like what Legion of Super-Heroes member Element Lad used to wear in his early days (in the case of the Evergreens, I'd add a lower-case "s_attle" to that big capital "E" to spell out Seattle). With these different ideas feeling rightand falling into place for me, I felt like this, too, was a design I must get down on paper.

So that's Legion reference #1, with a second one coming later on.

So first, here's that Evergreens design, home and away (or I guess actually away and home since I guess the NHL is currently using dark jerseys at home in a switch they made several years ago that I still haven't really gotten used to)...

Here's a close-up of that happy Evergreen mascot, then, it's kind of hard to see, but the Element-Lad "E" logo that also says "Seattle" in neon green lettering, and finally the inaugural patch that was required in the contest...

For the opposing teams, versus the white-jerseyed Evergreens, I finally put down on paper the idea I had back in the 1990s when I failed to enter the local contest to name the Erie minor-league hockey team -- at that time I should have suggested a team identity I made up with some of my brothers (Bob and / or Jim?) for a fictitious hockey league we were playing, the Erie Specters. Here for the first time in 45 years or so I'm updating whatever visuals we may have created for the Specters back then and a giving them team colors of gray and white and a wordmark and numbers in the kind of dashed lines comics used to use to illustrate phantoms and invisible characters.

Versus the dark-jerseyed Evergreens is a re-design of the Calgary Flames.

And I think I'll do a separate post for the Pilots artwork.