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Miami Dolphins Re-Design

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There's another contest being run by the Uniwatch column on, this time to re-design the Miami Dolphins.  Word has it that the team is going to unveil a new logo next year and possibly uniform modifications, so Uniwatch columnist Paul Lukas has challenged his readers to submit Dolphin re-designs and see if they can come up with something as good or better than what the Dolphins will eventually reveal.

My starting point was to come up with a logo that went in the opposite direction of current trends -- instead of going meaner, tougher and more realistic, I went more cartoony and fun.

bierbaum dolphins logo

While the direction everyone is anticipating in the new logo is to get the silly football helmet off the head of the Dolphins' logo, but I went in the other direction, keeping the helmet and adding a football and a stiff-arming pose.

Now, my actual preference would be for the Dolphins to stick with their original design (with a few modifications), but I didn't see much point in submitting a minor revision on the team's old uniforms so went for something a little more dramatic.  I wanted to play up what I think is the defining characteristic of the Dolphins' uniform, the aqua primary color and the orange trim. So I went with a version of what I'd give the Houston Oilers if they still existed and played up the aqua color the way the Oilers used to play up their light-blue color.

The opposing teams in my drawings are a version of the Oakland Raiders that adds gray as a primary color to their existing silver and black, and a take on a future L.A. Jaguars team with a color scheme of deep yellow and light yellow, trimmed in gold and blue.  
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