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Some Call Me... Tim

I had a pretty good week on the great sports uniform blog Uniwatch. On Saturday, March 10, I stumbled across an article on the Indianapolis Star website about how the Indiana U. Hoosiers had declined to participate in Adidas' infamous "Fruit Stripe" basketball uniform program and stuck with their "classic look," and that article become the focus on the next day's main Uniwatch post (which included a "hat tip" to me) and then on Monday, the regular Uniwatch blogger, Paul Lukas, returned and again mentioned what a good article it was that I'd pointed out.

And then a couple days later, Paul ran his column about the Miami Dolphins re-design contest ( and my humble entry was one of the "winners," picked as best mascot character for my "Sunny" logo.  Paul wrote...

Mascot characters nowadays are almost always fierce and intimidating, but once upon a time they were playful and fun. Bierbaum's "Sunny" character captures the essence of that bygone era perfectly (plus we get to see an animal executing a stiff-arm even though it doesn't have arms, which is a pretty neat trick). As a bonus, if you look at Bierbaum's home and road uni concepts, you'll see he's also redesigned the Raiders and moved the Jags to L.A.! Great stuff.

Wow, it more than made my day to get that kind of praise from one of the real leading authorities on sports aesthetics (the folks in the comment section were far less kind).  Here's another look at Sunny so you can judge for yourself...

tom bierbaum dolphins logo

One interesting aspect of my good week was that my "hat tip" in the March 10 Uniwatch erroneously went to "Tim Bierbaum" instead of Tom (there was a Tim involved later in the post, which probably led to the error), but the Uniwatch weekend blogger was in good company in making that error.  The most prominent person to previously happen to mistakenly call me "Tim" was actually a member of the Monkees, yes the memorable rock band from the 1960s TV show.  I'll leave it at that for now, and if I've piqued anyone's curiosity, let me know in the comments section and I'll fill in the details in a later post.  Which Monkee might it have been?  The mind reels.
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