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Pat Patriot, Silver Wings and Monochrome White Sox

Discussing the Best and Worst of Sports Uniforms

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Brooklyn Devils Design
The great website Uni Watch is running a weekend uniform context, this time to suggest a team identity if the Tampa Bay Rays end up moving (as had been rumored a few months ago).  I've always thought it would be cool for baseball to return to Brooklyn, so I decided that's where I'd re-locate the team and found in the borough's history that it supplied a decorated unit to the Union cause in the Civil War that was known as the Brooklyn Red Legged Devils. And since the original pro baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, was earlier known as the Red Legs, this seemed like a bit of baseball-compatible Brooklyn history that needed to be resurrected.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, your Brooklyn Devils...

A few notes:

Those jersey are true vests, not the awkward equivalent we've been seeing in recent years, when teams wear sleeveless shirts rather than actual vests.

The road uniforms are supposed to be a gold-ish / tan color, inspired by the great, original 1969-71 road uniforms of the San Diego Padres. It's an unusual look, but I wasn't real happy with a "cool" color like gray or light blue for the road uniforms of this particular team and design.

And yes, those are "horns" on the caps.  If such a team existed, it would be nice to see them motivate the Los Angeles Angels to restore the halo on their caps that the team wore back in the 1960s.

I recognize it's virutally impossible that a Major League-quality stadium will ever again be built in Brooklyn to house a MLB team, but I can dream, can't I?

One reason this identity seems somewhat appropriate for a relocated Tampa Bay Rays is that the team was previously known as the "Devil Rays," so this incarnation does pay homage to the franchise's early history.

The rival team being pictured in my artwork is a take on the old Montreal Expos, with the player name "Hecken" being a tribute to the organizer of this contest, Phil Hecken, Uni Watch's weekend blogger.

Boy, I just salivate at the idea of this team playing in the A.L. East -- what a great rivalry they could have with the N.Y. Yankees, and how cool it would be when they played the L.A. Angels of the A.L. West.

Here are the logos I designed for the Devils...

It was interesting to draw a mascot where you could see his back, creating the need for a number. I settled on "4" because Brooklyn would be the country's #4 largest city if it were counted separately (behind only the rest of N.Y., Los Angeles and Chicago).  Also, 4 was the number of one of the definitive players of the late, lamented Brooklyn Dodgers, Duke Snider.