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Spokane Specters Design

A month or two back, reading the Uni Watch blog, they mentioned that the Spokane team from the Indoor Football League was in need of a new team name after switching leagues. Since this was literally over the days when my sister was moving from Western Washington to a small town in Eastern Washington where Spokane would be the nearest city, and since a team name immediately presented itself -- the Spokane Specters -- I decided I should enter their contest.

And while they clearly weren't especially interested in anyone's uniform designs (saying only that if you wanted to suggest a logo to go with your team name, that would be OK), I pretty immediately started imagining what I would do with a football team named the Specters and decided I should carve out some time I didn't have to work up a couple designs.

The team's site said they were planning to keep the teams colors of navy blue and orange, and as non-Specter-ish as those colors were, I thought it worked for the best, since I was thinking in terms of a monochrome gray uniform and the idea of using navy and orange to bring to life a gray background appealed to me.

And thus, I came up with this incarnation of the Spokane Specters...

That's the home uniform, playing a road design I made up for the IFL's Cedar Rapids Titans, which is based on a uniform brother John created back in 1968 when we made up a Phoenix Thunderbirds team for our pretend football league. Cedar Rapids got pressed into service because light blue was one of their colors and they were one of the teams in the league with a traditional plural team name. I don't have much enthusiasm for teams with singular names, which accounts for a pretty healthy portion of the IFL roster.

And here's the Specters' road uniform...

The opposing team is a complete redesign of the Billings Wolves, who got picked for their plural name and the fact that they could theoretically take on the color scheme I felt like doing, gold and a mahogony brown color, which I'd previously tried on a University of Minnesota design I put up against an Ohio State design.

And here's a better look at my Specters logos...

I can well imagine the team using "wacky inflatable arm flailing tube men" modeled to look like my Specter mascot, and line them up as the team comes charging out of the locker room, then line them up along the sidelines and set them off every time the team scores.

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