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Pat Patriot, Silver Wings and Monochrome White Sox

Discussing the Best and Worst of Sports Uniforms

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Merry Christmas from Pat Patriot / Silver Wings / Monochrome White Sox
Here's a nice Christmassy football photo featuring a couple favorite uniforms, the  Patriots and Bills of the 1960s...

What makes this picture so special is the very rare occurance of a snow-covered football field on a sunny day. Since they keep the fields covered until game time, any snow on the field has to fall after the game starts. So snowy games are a rare occurence to begin with and  it's infinitely more rare to get enough snow to blanket the grass and then also get sunny conditions within the same game. This happened for least a brief period during the 1963 AFL East playoff, won by the Patriots 26-8 on Dec. 28, 1963.

We were living in Delaware at this time and got a rare white Christmas that year. Pictures from this Christmas week game sure take me back to what snowy days looked back then.

I really didn't start rooting a lot for these two teams until they went into decline in 1967 and beyond, but I now have great nostalgia for their battles that decided the AFL East title in '63, '64 and '66, in part because I remember decorating the Christmas tree one year when they were playing a vital game late in the AFL season.