tombierbaum (tombierbaum) wrote,

Merry Christmas II

Here's another shot from that great snowy 1963 Patriots-Bills playoff game...

For some reason, this photo takes me right back to visiting relatives in Queens, NYC right before Christmas in 1963, though the game is in Buffalo three days after Christmas. Again, that almost impossible combination of a snow-covered football field when the sun is out makes it look the way I remember the snowy days up in New York City or at home on Christmas when I was a kid.

Oh, and for once I'll perform the important courtesy of attributing the photo, which I copied out of a greet book on the AFL history of the Bills, called "Rockin' the Rockpile," with this photo being credited to Robert L. Smth of Orchard Park, N.Y. I found the prior photo on a "Best AFL Photos" page on Pinterest, though I'm unable to track it down again.
Tags: 1963, boston patriots, buffalo bills, christmas, pat patriot, snow
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