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Jacksonville Jaguars Re-Design

Here are my entries in the recent Uni Watch contest to re-design the Jacksonville Jaguars...

As usual, I went for bright colors and a some kind of cartoon mascot...

That's the home uniform, showing the Jags squaring off against the New Orleans Saints in a new Saints uniform that puts a gold halo on their helmets and includes the classic Saints mascot "Sir Saint" on the front of the helmets presenting the player numbers.

The road uniforms show Jacksonville challenging the New York Jets in an alternate universe where the Jets kept the old New York Titans colors when the team was re-christened the Jets in 1963.

And since the contest required a third "Color Rush" Thursday night uniform, I extended the metalic gold of the helmet and pants to the jersey...

The flashy Color-Rush Jags are facing an Atlanta Falcons squad decked out in uniforms based on the fondly remembered helmet stripe of the original Falcons design that included a thin trim of gold, which I extended to the jersey numbers and Falcon symbol.

And one more bit of artwork, a secondary logo that continues my attempt to give the dour Jacksonville franchise a fun facelift. So they become the J'Ville Jags (note the tail of the Js become striped jaguar tails)...

...with the "JJ" motif included on the sleeve patches of the jerseys.
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