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Las Vegas Raiders Re-Design

Catching up on the entries I've done for the last few Uni Watch re-design contests, here's what I came up with for the Las Vegas Raiders...

Cartoon mascot? Check. In fact, two of them.

Brighter colors? Check (though one could scarcely get any less bright than the Raiders' traditional colors of silver and black).

Here's the home design...

Note that I've augmented the old silver and black with Vegas gold. The opposing team is a Denver Broncos design that takes that team's orange and blue colors, adds metallic orange, uses the 1968-1996 helmet logo and combines the great shoulder panels of the 1965-66 uniforms with the number logo of the current uniforms.

The road Raiders are squaring off against an all-gold Jacksonville Jaguars design that I later used when really pressed for time during Uni Watch's Jags re-design contest (see my previous post).

It looks like I didn't include a "Color Rush" monochrome design, which is normally required in these contests. Not sure if I just goofed up or if those alternate uniforms weren't required in this case. At any rate, here are my Vegas Raider logos -- a primary helmet logo guaranteed to piss off the team's more macho fans, and the sports industry's first ever two-part commemorative patch, which honors the team's "kick-off" season by teaming the helmet-logo parrot "Rawk" with a second mascot, the Vegas showgirl Rada Nation...

And note the two-part inaugural patch is positioned on the jerseys above the numbers.

Obviously the chances of any of this ever gracing an actual Raiders uniform are somewhere between zero and non-existent, but I myself would prefer something like this to the somber uniforms the team has worn all these years. I value every team that wears a traditional uniform, but I never considered the Raiders as having one of the NFL's better uniforms. That's partly because the team has never been a big favorite (and gradually became one of my least favorite as they over and over abandoned cities that were supporting them), and also because color has always been one of my biggest priorities in sports uniforms and I have a chip on my shoulder about how the Raiders played such a big role in popularizing black as a sports color that is now found just about everywhere, including on alternate uniforms for many teams that never before had black as a team color.
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