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Tennessee Titans Re-Design

One more recent set of entries for an Uni Watch Uniform Re-Design contest, this one for the Tennessee Titans. In this case, I went with a favorite color scheme from the team's distant past when it was the Houston Oilers -- sky blue, metallic sky blue and red.  And there are a couple of my trademark cartoon-ish logos.  Here's the home version...

The opposition here is a version of the Denver Broncos based on the team's infamous original brown-and-yellow uniforms that included infamous vertical-striped socks. In this case, I moved the vertical stripes to just about everywhere else on the uniform and used the team's current helmet logo and number font.

As for my Titans design, the secondary logo should look familiar to baby-boomer cartoon watchers everywhere -- its the Don Adams-voiced Tennessee Tuxedo, decked out in "Titan" regalia. And note that the primary helmet logo  was inspired by the opening of the old "Fractured Fairy Tales" on "Rocky & Bullwinkle," where there's a giant character who you only see from about the chest down, who leans on the "Fractured Fairy Tales" title card...

And as you can see, my "T" for Titans forms the Roman / Greek border on the mascots' togas and also become the uniform striping.

Here's the road-team version of my Titans design...

The road Titans are playing a version of the Tampa Bay Bucs decked out in metallic red helmets, creamsicle-orange jerseys and pewter-gray pants.

And finally, the "Color Rush" version of the Titans...

They're playing a version of the Steelers inspired by the mid 1960s Tudor Electric Football games that came with one all-white team and one all yellow-orange team. Back in the 1980s, when I first started experimenting with uniform re-designs, this particular Steelers concept came to me in a dream. And while it's one of those never-in-a-million-years designs that will never get used, it really appeals to me.
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