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Seattle Evergreens / Pilots Design Contest, Pt. 2 -- Legion Crossovers

OK, here's part two of my entries for the Seattle NHL uniform challenge being put on by the Uni Watch column at As described in my prior entry, this is my adaptation of the wonderful uniforms of baseball's short-lived Seattle Pilots to a hockey configuration.

So here are white- amd dark-jersey versions...

By adapting a baseball design, I introduce a few oddities of the baseball world to the realm of hockey finery. Most prominently, I add a whole new color to the dark-jerseyed version in the same way a baseball team adds gray (or sometime in the old days, light blue) to their road uniforms even though those colors are usually completely absent from baseball's home whites. I also imitated the baseball tradition (also common in basketball and seen occasionally in hockey) of putting the team nickname on the home jersey and the city nsme on the road uniform (though I was forgetting that the NHL switched to color at home and white on the road several years ago -- I guess if atually adopted, this uniform would say "Seattle" on the white sweater and "Pilots" on the light-blue jersey).

As for the opposing teams, the white-jerseyed Pilots are facing a revival of the NHL's old New York Americans franchise in a design inspired by a U.S. rugby team jersey from the 1990s (I bought a replica of that great desing back then from Lands' End and dug out that old jersey to serve as my reference for this drawing). And the dark-jerseyed Pilots are squaring off against a re-design of the Dallas Stars.

And that's my second Legion of Super-Hero reference to go along with the Element Lad "E" I gave the Seattle Evergreens last time -- the starscape I'm featuring in this Stars design is inspired by Dave Cockrum's innovative Star Boy costume of the 1970s. I believe Dave was the first (but far from the last) comic-book artist to give a super-hero a starscape as part of a uniform design. (Careful readers may recall I similarly used a Cockrumesque starscape for a Utah Stars desigtn in my L.A. Clippers Uni Watch submission of a few years ago in what I think was one of my handful of best designs to date.)

And to wrap up this entry, here are my main logo and special inaugural-season logo for the Pilots...

And if anyone happens to read this post and is interested in submitting to the Uni Watch contest, the deadline is almost here -- entries are due by the evening of Monday, Nov. 26, 7 p.m ET. Details can be found on the last several daily entries at And if you've missed this one, check in on Uni Watch from time to time to be on the lookout for future design challenges.

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