March 24th, 2018


Jacksonville Jaguars Re-Design

Here are my entries in the recent Uni Watch contest to re-design the Jacksonville Jaguars...

As usual, I went for bright colors and a some kind of cartoon mascot...

That's the home uniform, showing the Jags squaring off against the New Orleans Saints in a new Saints uniform that puts a gold halo on their helmets and includes the classic Saints mascot "Sir Saint" on the front of the helmets presenting the player numbers.Collapse )

Las Vegas Raiders Re-Design

Catching up on the entries I've done for the last few Uni Watch re-design contests, here's what I came up with for the Las Vegas Raiders...

Cartoon mascot? Check. In fact, two of them.

Brighter colors? Check (though one could scarcely get any less bright than the Raiders' traditional colors of silver and black).

Here's the home design...

Note that I've augmented the old silver and black with Vegas gold. The opposing team is a Denver Broncos design that takes that team's orange and blue colors, adds metallic orange, uses the 1968-1996 helmet logo and combines the great shoulder panels of the 1965-66 uniforms with the number logo of the current uniforms.Collapse )

Tennessee Titans Re-Design

One more recent set of entries for an Uni Watch Uniform Re-Design contest, this one for the Tennessee Titans. In this case, I went with a favorite color scheme from the team's distant past when it was the Houston Oilers -- sky blue, metallic sky blue and red.  And there are a couple of my trademark cartoon-ish logos.  Here's the home version...

Collapse )