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#10 Best Baseball Uniform: 1960s New York Yankees

While many probably consider this the ultimate baseball uniform, in my case, it doesn't finish near the very top, though I certainly like the uniform and respect both its history and great design.  When ranking my personal all-time favorites, I do find this one to be a little on the low-key side, not quite as eye-catching to me as similar uniforms for, say, the Detroit Tigers or Boston Red Sox.  It’s still a very nice design that has certainly stood the test of time.

I’m specifying the 1960s because I prefer the simpler road uniforms of that era to the more modern grays with the stripe on the end of the sleeve and white trim around the letters and numbers. I also find I prefer the numbers of the team from about '63 and '64 to the style they've worn through the doubleknit era.

Hoping to add a visual or two when we return to the home base in Erie.

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Here we go, some classic looks at the Yanks.  The first is Mickey Mantle's game-winning home run in Game 3 of the 1964 World Series (note I said "game-winning," not "walk-off," a really grating terms modern baseball hipsters have come up with and use incessantly) and the rest are individual shots of the team back in the 1960s.  I really think long undersleeves help the uniform a lot and there's that numbering font that I like somewhat more than what they've been using in recent decades.

#11 Best Baseball Uniform 1964/Current St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals have one of baseball’s top logos, the script “Cardinals” over a bat and two cardinals perched on that bat.  The “StL” emblem on the hat is a true classic as well.  And while I don’t as a rule especially like teams changing hats between home and road uniforms, the navy blue hat on the road gives the overall design a little extra character and is a nice nod to the look of the Cardinals in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I remember being vaguely aware at the start of the 1965 season that the Cardinals caps looked a little different and brighter but then totally forgot that they'd been navy blue and was stunned when I looked at photos a few years later of the 1964 World Series and saw the team not wearing their by-then trademark red caps. But I gained an appreciation for the look of those navy blue caps and am glad to see them live on.

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For some reason I don't care much for the Cards' Sunday alternate cap (navy blue, red bill, with an emblem of a cardinal sitting on a bat). Not sure why it doesn't appeal to me, probably just that the regular logo is so nicely executed and, to my eye, looks so "right" with the whole uniform. Also not a big fan of the red bill on the navy cap for this team.

I give the Cardinals extra credit for being one of those teams that generally sticks with all white and all gray uniforms through the course of the regular season, avoiding what we traditionalists call "softball tops" -- colored jerseys that don't match the pants color.  If only the Cards and everyone else would avoid those dreaded softball tops in spring training and in those superfluous "batting practice" jerseys.

cards bird logocards dark cap

#15 Best Baseball Uniform: 1968-71 Washington Senators

An underappreciated uniform with effective use of bright red, the nice “Senators” script and the classic “pretzel” “W” emblem on the cap, which the Nationals have very wisely revived. 

I especially liked the 1968 home uniforms that were pinstriped, which seemed to me to be the appropriate look for the Senators.  And I believe the pin-striping was in navy blue, a cool contrast to the red caps, undersleeves and socks, making this uniform distinct from the Phils, Reds and White Sox, all of whom had for at least a few seasons, red pinstripes with red caps, sleeves and socks.

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