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Charlotte Hornets Re-Design

There's another re-design project being run by the Uniwatch column at espn.com, this time coming up with ideas for the soon-to-be restored Charlotte Hornets NBA team.  Here's what I came up with...

tom bierbaum hornets home tom bierbaum hornets road
And here's the logo I created.
tom bierbaum hornets logo
As usual, my design combines an essentially traditional look with bright colors and some fun touches like a cartoon mascot. To me, the yellow-and-black colors seem almost inevitable, though I gave my yellow an orange-ish tint to give the thing a litlte bit of a distincitve feel.  Obviously I tried to work in black-and-yellow striping wherever possible, including in the numbers and lettering.   The stripe on the trunks is inspired by the Seattle Sonics of the late 1960s and early 1970s, who had, in my opinion, one of the best basketball uniforms ever.  I put the jersey number over the wordmark because my lettering style took up a lot of space horizontally and I couldn't fit "Charlotte" or "Hornets" above the number.

I gave the mascot, Hoops the Hornet, a few distinctive touches, including sunglasses that create the requisite over-sized eyes and little basketball-shaped deely-bobbers.

OPPOSING TEAMS: The home Hornets are facing an interesting version of the Houston Rockets, who are wearing a design that occurred to me the minute I imagined the Rockets taking on the red-over-yellow scheme of a team we made up back in about 1969.

The road Hornets are playing a version of the Dallas Mavericks uniform I submitted to Mark Cuban's contest.  I kept that home Mavericks uniform white, one of the very few times I've used white in one of my NBA re-designs and decided here to see how the design looks with the white being replaced by a light shade of the uniform's lime green color.  It's OK, but the pencil I use for that green color is just not quite bold enough to pull off the effect I was envisioning.

Dallas Mavericks Uniform

Here's my entry in the uniform contest being run by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban...

mavs home mavs road

I came up with a wordmark that turned the "A's" in "Mavs" and "Dallas" into little cowboys, then added a mascot on the trunks that's a cowboy dribbling the ball down the court. I was envisioning a gold-and-brown color scheme that for me would have fit the maverick theme, but Mark wanted to see designs in colors similar to what the team has worn, so I took its former green-and-blue colors and livened them up with a bright lime green.  One thing I usually go for in my designs is eye-catching color (I shoot for schemes that would make the team instantly recognizable during SportsCenter highlights) and this was where my instincts took me.  Very reminiscent (though not intentionally) of an alternate uniform the Atlanta Hawks wore in the early 1970s.

OPPOSING TEAMS: Facing the home Mavs is a re-worked version of the Miami Heat. I wanted to try a sky blue-and-orange color scheme and I decided I couldn't let the dreaded singular team name "Heat" stand, so I renamed the team the Miami Oranges. Of course, no such makeover is remotely possible, but it's fun to imagine a world where such a thing could actually occur.  (My brother Bill designed a football team back in 1967 called the Florida Oranges and I take my inspiration for this team name from that.) The road Mavs are facing the San Francisco Warriors in a re-design loosely based on their great uniforms of the mid 1960s, complete with trolley car on the shorts.