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The Old AFL at Its Finest

On YouTube a highlight film of the 1962 Houston Oilers popped up and I gave it a try, eventually pausing it at this point in the film. When I reopened the computer the next morning, it struck me that this shot epitomizes for me the best of the old AFL uniforms. These are actually the first two sports teams I adopted at about the age of 6 and very specifically because I loved their uniforms -- the sky-blue color of the Oilers with the white oil-derrick emblem and, of course, the lightning bolts on the Chargers' imaginataive uniforms. I eventually came to like even more the great Pat Patriot logo and flaming red jerseys of the Boston Patriots, but this visual sure brings back the sports aesthetics I first fell in love with.

#3 Best NFL Uniform of All Time: Early 1960s San Diego Chargers

I think if I were being truly objective, rising above my personal allegiances to favorite teams, the Chargers could very well get my #1 ranking as best NFL uniform ever.

It's hard for me to pick a specific version since the team in the early 1960s made various changes over the years and I'm not sure if I could pick one year where they did everything I like most in this design -- as much light blue as possible and as little dark blue; no multiple outlines on the numbers of the white jerseys (as they wore in 1964 and '65), just one yellow outline on a blue number; and no San Diego centennial shield on the front of the helmet (as they had in 1963).

In fact, the one version that captures all of my particular preferences is the throwback version they wore in 1994 and then through the '00s.

chargers throwback

But for authenticity's sake, here are some nice shots of the original uniform from the 1960s...

chargers #22 '63chargers vs patschargers #19 vs pats

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NFL Re-Designs: Bills-Texans

I'll catch up with all the re-designs I managed to illustrate over the holidays, and also reprint a couple that I've re-scanned with our new scanner.

Starting with the Buffalo Bills...

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